Instructions and User Manuals

Astronomical time switch instructions

Astronomical_Time_Switch_Astro_MINI.pdf Astronomical_Time_Switch_Astro_MINI.pdf
Size : 475.094 Kb
Type : pdf
Astro_mini.pdf Astro_mini.pdf
Size : 717.025 Kb
Type : pdf

CCTV instructions

The Van Alen DVR is HIKVision DS-7216HUHI-K" with 16TB hard drive installed

HIKVision DVR user manual .pdf HIKVision DVR user manual .pdf
Size : 12597.108 Kb
Type : pdf
HIKvision Quick start Guide.pdf HIKvision Quick start Guide.pdf
Size : 825.859 Kb
Type : pdf

Door closer fitting and adjusting instructions

Perkomatic fitting.pdf Perkomatic fitting.pdf
Size : 119.748 Kb
Type : pdf

Door Entry Instructions 

2voice manual.pdf 2voice manual.pdf
Size : 4760.809 Kb
Type : pdf

Fire Panel InstructionsUser Manual

Fire Panel User Manual.pdf Fire Panel User Manual.pdf
Size : 420.518 Kb
Type : pdf

 Zapper - battery change

Press in the key ring loop and lift the top off the zapper.

If you get a new zapper set the dip switches to match an existing zapper