Kelly's Trade Directory entries for 24 to 30 Marine Parade

OS Map 2017

OS Map 1875

OS Map 1898

OS Map 1930

It is interesting to note that by 1930 German Place has been renamed Madeira Place. I think the name was changed in 1914.

 1954 OS map shows the "Filling Station" as part of the "Aquarium Garage"  sited on the corner of Marine Parade and Camelford St.  The entrance to the Aquarium Garage was adjacent to No 23 Marine Parade (now the New Madeira Hotel) and is  in the same place as the main entrance to The Van Alen Building on Marine Parade.

The petrol station in what is now the car park to The Van Alen Building and numbers 4 and 6 Camelford St.  The houses behind the kiosk are in Camelford St.

The sea front in 1978

The cream coloured building on the right of the photo is Legands Hotel. Photo taken in early 1970s?

Corner of Camelford St looking towards the sea.  Nos. 4 & 5, standing empty and forlorn, about 1961/2. The first inroads into this very old Brighton Street occurred in 1930, when 6 and 7 were removed to make an entrance to the Aquarium Garage, just established in Marine Parade. All seven houses have now gone. I guess the Toby Ale sign is on what is now the Camelford Arms.

The corner of Marine Parade and Camelford St in 1963   The "Garage Petrol" sign is still visible.

Just before WW2, the large houses on the corner of Marine Parade and Camelford Street (29 and 30, Marine Parade and 1-7, Camelford Street) were removed to make space for access to the Aquarium Garage, plans for which had been submitted in 1929. The corner site remained pretty much derelict for many years, being used as the premises of the Orange Coach Company.

 Andy Grant (17/03/2015) 

Two large houses on the corner of Marine Parade and Camelford Street. These houses are still visible in the 1930s photos.

Aerial view of Marine Parade in the 1930s

Entrance to the Aquarium Garage 1930s

The Cricket Scoreboard on The Terraces was a significant landmark in its day. The Aquarium Garage entrance can be seen in the background.

The scoreboard appears to refer to England v Australia 3rd Test at Headingley in July 1930. At close of play on the 11th, Bradman had scored 309. That dates the photo exactly to sometime on Saturday 12th. Don Bradman eventually scored 334 runs. What is also interesting is the Aquarium Garage above the scoreboard. The clock was outside these premises until well into the seventies I think but I don't remember when it disappeared. One of the very few places in Brighton where you could buy petrol at night in those days. You had to drive in through an archway, go round the car park and get your petrol on the way back out, a funny arrangement. They stayed open for the taxi drivers. 'Orange' coaches ran out of there at one time too and the sign says, 'London 6 times daily 5/-' !

By Tim Sargeant (27/11/2012)

The Aquarium Garage belonged to Hanningtons of Brighton.

By Alan Phillips (29/11/2012) 

In  the years 1931, 1932 and 1933 the London to Brighton Vintage Car Run ended at the Aquarium Garage now the site of The Van Alen Building. 

1970s advert for Hanningtons Aquarium Garage