Electrical Information and Drawings

Astronomical Time Switches

Astronomical time switches are in the three block meter cupboards, in the basement entrance for each block (under the large metal common-way distribution board). They control the rear canopy and foyer uplights.

The astronomical time switch in the WC behind reception controls the front canopy light.

The astronomical time switch in the main electrical intake room, in the underground car park, controls the above ground car park bollard lights

Electrics Drawings

These files are in dwg autocadformat as used by architects

To view these files you will need to download a dwg viewer to open them. Free dwg viewers can be easily found on the web eg


Electrical Layout Basement

8452-10E.dwg 8452-10E.dwg
Size : 756.467 Kb
Type : dwg

Main Cut-outs

Main Cut-outs ( service fuses)

Main cut-outs 250A, second cut-outs 200A Landlord's Supply Cut-outs 160A (as of 29 June 2018)

If any of these cut outs blow please contact UK Power Networks,  24 hours a day, on 0800 31 63 105 or 105 from a landline or a mobile.

Underfloor Heating in Reception

The underfloor heating in reception is controlled by a circuit breaker and rotary thermostat in the WC behind reception.

Common Area Electrics Ground Floor

8452-11D.dwg 8452-11D.dwg
Size : 1674.543 Kb
Type : dwg

Common Area Electrics First Floor

8452-12.dwg 8452-12.dwg
Size : 1397.968 Kb
Type : dwg

Common Area Electrics Second and Third Floors

8452-13.dwg 8452-13.dwg
Size : 1388.301 Kb
Type : dwg

Common Area electrics Fourth Floor

8452-14.dwg 8452-14.dwg
Size : 1704.903 Kb
Type : dwg

Common Area Electrics Fifth Floor

8452-15.dwg 8452-15.dwg
Size : 1200.205 Kb
Type : dwg

Electrical Intake Room

8452-16.dwg 8452-16.dwg
Size : 46.225 Kb
Type : dwg

Electrical Intake Room Elevation

8452-17-B.dwg 8452-17-B.dwg
Size : 37.973 Kb
Type : dwg

Electrical Meter Cupboards Blocks A and B

8452-18-B.dwg 8452-18-B.dwg
Size : 61.622 Kb
Type : dwg

Electrical Meter Cupboard Block C

8452-19-C.dwg 8452-19-C.dwg
Size : 48.11 Kb
Type : dwg

Landlord Distribution Boards

8452-20.dwg 8452-20.dwg
Size : 65.595 Kb
Type : dwg

Electrical Legend Common Areas

8452-21.dwg 8452-21.dwg
Size : 60.437 Kb
Type : dwg

Electrical Legend Flats

8452-36.dwg 8452-36.dwg
Size : 95.057 Kb
Type : dwg

First Floor Electrics Flats

8452-EL-1ST.dwg 8452-EL-1ST.dwg
Size : 2212.311 Kb
Type : dwg

Second and Third Floor Electrics Flats

8452-EL-2ND-3RD.dwg 8452-EL-2ND-3RD.dwg
Size : 2078.042 Kb
Type : dwg

Fourth Floor Electrics Flats

8452-EL-4TH.dwg 8452-EL-4TH.dwg
Size : 2312.768 Kb
Type : dwg

Fifth Floor Electrics Flats

8452-EL-5TH.dwg 8452-EL-5TH.dwg
Size : 680.229 Kb
Type : dwg

Ground Floor Electrics Flats

8452-EL-GROUND.dwg 8452-EL-GROUND.dwg
Size : 2374.649 Kb
Type : dwg


Size : 1306.698 Kb
Type : dwg